Conversation That Musician Had For Two Weeks Said Pau

He is extremely thin and the nasal tube may accentuate it The thread of voice has a cavernous point but it is enough for what it wants to say Im here to talk about life and not death launches a Pau Donés who knows that he has little left but not that it would be just two weeks since that May Jordi.

Évole went up to his house in La Vall d Aran to chat in what ends up being a secular confession of the musician This is how the journalist defines the 65 minutes of That You Give Me the interview that since Wednesday reaches 245 cinemas throughout Spain and not on television because there are still things in this life that must have a slower digestion

The beginning of the conversation is hard as evidenced by the fact that the first two questions of the tanned Évole are after seconds of awkward silence I dont know what to ask you and What have you done this morning But then the conversation flows without searching or touching a chord which facilitated the editing of almost two and a half hours of material We were clear that it could not be something tearful of gloating in grief and that it did not happen made it easier for both of us to come to the talk in tears when he called me for it admits Évole who struck up a curious friendship with the leader of Jarabe de Palo in 2002 when playing his role as Follonero in Andreu Buenafuentes television program Una altra cosa he asked him if Bonito and Depende were the same song I dont know why he chose me I only do accompaniment here says Évole He knew you were the person who could understand him better says Marc Donés the singers brother and present at the preview

What terrifies me is seeing people who are afraid of life of loving and being loved says the musician two weeks before dying.

The reason for the meeting is that Donés who will pass away on June 9 wants to speak with more time to escape the frivolous image that promotional interviews give to show himself not as they see us but as we really are And he comes out in one piece with a fortitude.

Almost intimidates No he is not afraid of dying What terrifies me is seeing people who are afraid of life of loving and being loved although yes I dont want to leave Today I am happy I feel good he says And he repeats it throughout the interview Now dying is not good for me I have things to do I would ask for an extension of a lifetime but set to limit live until 70

The excuse that he was still very busy seems to be that Donés also gave it to the doctors and nurses who treated him in both the Moisès Broggi hospital the Vall de Herón hospital and the Vall dAran hospital the majority present at the Phenomena cinema hall in Barcelona where the preview was held today along with family members and musicians who accompanied him on his career.

At his home in the Vall dAran Donés was rushing through life with his four siblings very close to his fathers house but above all next to his teenage daughter Sara with whom he reconciled He stayed with the idea that I had abandoned her when I separated from her mother admits the singer The exwife was also I dont believe in the couple but I do believe in the family Have you been a good father No Yes and no I have not given him time My problem is that I am a ship captain and a ships siren sounds and I am leaving

Like someone who does not want to euthanasia appears in the documentary presented at the last Malaga Film Festival following the suicide of his mother affected by chronic depression I have never thought of committing suicide I dont I live life he insists as a hint of gout appears at a point in the nasal tube Of course he answers the question of whether he wants to laugh and quotes the film El guateque by his idolized Peter Sellers And he cries of course these days a lot not crying is a symptom of terrible weakness it is a way of showing your humility your way of being real

Not crying is a symptom of terrible weakness it is a way of showing your humility your way of being real says the musician in the interview with Jordi Évole
In an evident inner peace back from everything and nothing Donés admits that the sardana seems to him the most boring dance in the world He says that Antonio Vega and Celia Cruz are the musicians he admires the most as an answer to the question of which ones he likes the worst which in the end sums up elegantly anonymously People who dont respect the environment

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