Lukashenko was Legally Elected As President by 80

Lukashenko lives in an alternative reality he already sums up in the whitewalled industrialdecorated workcenter that has been the trios headquarters during the presidential elections It was from Kolesnikova that the idea of uniting the three campaigns came.

That of Babariko and that of the other strong opponent Valery Tsepkalo to that of Tijanóvskaya the only one who could register as a candidate What is happening comes from afar

Five years ago Lukashenko was the legally elected president because the majority supported him although it was not 80 but 52 In the last six months with the arrests of critical voices.

The harassment of citizens for participating in campaign events trust and support have been plummeting faster he told El País a few days before announcing the formation of the Vmeste party

What has finished opening the eyes of society Kolesnikova believes is the management of the coronavirus pandemic which in Belarus where no confinement was decreed or borders were closed and practically only undercover security agents wear masks is like if it did not officially exist

The Government has distanced itself from the people and with the covid19 with a president who has disrespected the sick and deceased by the virus and has tried to silence its consequences prescribing stupid things like drinking vodka with cucumber or carving land with a tractor

Belarusian society has realized that the state does not protect them Belarusians no longer feel safe with Lukashenko and security is an important element the safer you feel the more difficult it is for people to go out onto the streets he remarks.

The Belarusian leader accuses Kolesnikova the rest of the opposition and the citizens of being puppets financed by the West and by NATO to overthrow him Before the elections he pointed to Moscow as the architect of this plot but now he assures that his critics want to distance Minsk from Russia and get closer to the European Union

Something that the opponent tries to deny thoroughly this is not about Russia or the EU goes from Belarus Citizens are now concerned about their own problems and not about the problems of other countries insists Kolesnikova also aware of the balance between accepting the messages of support that other countries have given her and going one step further

The European Union which is preparing to approve new sanctionsto officials of the Lukashenko regime it has also arranged financial aid although it remains to be seen how it will be channeled for those who have suffered repression.

Independent media It is good that they can support the victims and other civil initiatives but we cannot accept help from outside and we do not otherwise someone could strive to consider it an interference in State affairs emphasizes Kolesnikova

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