Walmart offers free SAT and PCT prep, and offer to cover college fees

Walmart offers free SAT and PCT prep, and offer to cover college fees

Walmart has been struggling when it comes to finding good talent for its job. With a tight job market, Walmart hasn’t been able to find the correct type of people for their jobs.

At present, the company is looking for high school students to fill out its jobs. However, the way the company is trying to recruit talent is by offering to cover their SAT or PCT prep and college tuition. Recently, Walmart announced that it will expand the present $1-day college benefit for those high school students that work at the company.

With the help of a partner network, Walmart will also cover seven hours’ worth of free college credit and free SAT and PCT tuition. In addition to all that, Walmart will also subsidize the cost of student’s tuition, books, and fees at certain six non-profit colleges, one of them is University of Florida.

Students who go through this program will be able to pursue their choice of programs as they work at the company. The number of courses that the student can undertake is business management, computer technology, and supply chain management.

In the US, after decades, the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest. With that in mind, the job requirement for Walmart continues to be a bit above the average. To find a suitable number of workers for various functions, Walmart has even increased the number of employee benefits and its minimum wage.

Walmart, one of the biggest retailers in the US is the third largest private employee in the country. At present, about 1.5 a million workers are employed by Walmart. However, less than 25,000 of them are high schoolers, which is surprising. Earlier, retail jobs were the most attractive for high schoolers alone.

However, Walmart is not the only retailer struggling to hire high schoolers.

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