Apple’s Sign-in feature better than Google and Facebook

Apple’s Sign-in feature better than Google and Facebook

Recently, Apple took things a bit further and takes a take on Google and Facebook. As it is known, Google and Facebook accounts have been used to sign into many types of apps. However, Apple brings in a new feature.

Developing a new feature, “Sign in with Apple”, Apple will not allow users to sign into applications with their devices. Apparently, this type of signing in will be much safer than any other means. This feature made its debut in Apple’s annual WWDC developer conference in San Jose, California when the senior vice president of software engineering of the company, Craig Federighi, showed it off.

Now, this new feature is supposed to help users to sign into various third-party apps without having to create a new profile or sign in with their existing credentials. The Sign-on feature offered by Google and Facebook was lost on Apple devices.

Before launching the feature, Craig also used the screen on the event to show how to sign in with the help of Google and Facebook. Once done with that, he said, “Although these features can be convenient, they are used to track you.” Then he went on to reveal the new feature.

He said that Google and Facebook track their consumers, but that can be easily solved with the new Apple feature. The new sign-in feature developed by Apple will allow users to sign into third-party applications without sharing their personal data.

If people do not want to share their email address, then they can make use of the Apple Sign-In feature to create a random email address to verify themselves, in that way they do not have to make use of their real email address. This new feature, Apple sign-in, also works with Face ID Technology, which makes this quite useful and versatile.

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