An image of a multi-planet solar system’s image has been captured

An image of a multi-planet solar system’s image has been captured

Two growing planets, exoplanets, have been found some light years away from Earth. A still has been captured by astronomers, which show these two planets.

According to a research paper released by the researchers, the newborn planets are carving out a “planet-forming disk” around a 6-million old star. As per a post posted on also says that the gap in the disk is that of gas and dust, much like as our solar system. The young star, around which the exoplanets are carving their disks, is slightly smaller than our Sun.

The host star is called as PDS 70. This star is at least 370 light years away from Earth. The innermost planet discovered by the researchers called PDS 70 2 is located between the disc gap discovered by them. It is about 2 billion miles away from its star.

The other star that has been discovered, PDS 720 c, is about 3.3 billion miles from the star. The distance of the planet, PDS 720 c is similar to that of Neptune’s from the sun. The study about the two planets has been published in the Nature Astronomy.

In a statement given by the researchers, they say, “This discovery is instrumental in understanding planets and how they are formed. The formation of two different worlds is direct evidence that planets that are being formed can sweep enough material in order to create a gap.”

As per the researchers, over the years a dozen systems have been pictured. However, this is only the second time that they have pictured a multi-planet system. Over the past years, we have wondered what lies in the space.

Now, with the captured image of these two forming planets, the answer to “Are there planets?” is yes, in this case.

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