A New discovery to help discovery and development of drugs easily

A New discovery to help discovery and development of drugs easily

Researchers from Dartmouth College have developed a different strategy to discover drugs and the development of the same. This new strategy can be used to treat various types of diseases, including cancer and neurodegeneration.

The study for the development and discovery of finding a way to create drugs was published in  Nature Communications. With the publication of this study, is now being hoped that the findings of this study can be used for large-scale productions as well.

The new technique makes use novel synthesis approach for a certain class of organic compounds, also known as tetracyclic terpenoids. These organic compounds are used in more than 100 FDA approved drugs and are known to be the most successful class of compounds for treatment.

Glenn Micalizio, New Hampshire Professor of Chemistry at Dartmouth says, “Until now there was nothing to help with the discovery and development of drugs for diseases. However, further enhancement is required in the said field in order to make sure that the new technology functions properly.” He also added to that, “We are probably at the beginning of a new era in pharmaceuticals. This is the single-most enabling and potentially transformative technology in the pharmaceuticals industry.”

This new technology makes use of two different combinations of chemical reactions, which establish bonds between carbon atoms, which creates an unusual metal-centered ring-forming. This process also combines molecular blocks to a terpenoid skeleton in the chemical reaction. The result of this combination will allow a smooth discovery and development of drugs for the diseases in question.

Furthermore, these combined reactions will allow people to study various pharmaceutically-privileged regions of the chemical world, as the process will become inexpensive and simple.

This new discovery will change the face of the medical world.

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