41 more recorded cases of measles in the US

41 more recorded cases of measles in the US

More and more cases of measles are being reported in the US. Since the disease’s worst outbreak in 1992, the US’ federal health officials on Monday reported another 41 cases last week, thereby increasing the number of cases to 981.

As per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of cases for measles, a highly contagious disease, rose by 4% in the week prior to the last week of May. This outbreak of the disease is recorded as the worst since its last outbreak in 1992. Presently, the disease has spread to 26 states. In 1992, about 2,126 cases were recorded.

According to Federal health officials, the reason why measles is spreading rapidly lies in the fact that various parents do not want to vaccinate their children. The officials add, that despite scientific evidence, parents believe that vaccinations give rise to autism in children.

The disease, this time, has majorly affected those children who have not received the vaccination for measles-mumps-rubella. According to CDC officials, confirmation was received that the number of cases recorded this year had topped the previous year’s record and that 1994’s recorded cases of 963.

In the US, in the 2000s, the disease was declared as eliminated, meaning there was no continuous transmission of the disease for a year. However, there have been several recorded cases of measles here and there, as they come with travellers from various countries where measles is quite common.

However, the officials had warned the country way before that if the outbreak of the disease continues and rises until October 2019, the country may lose the status of eliminated measles. The first sighs of the outbreak of the deadly disease were found in October 2018 in New York.

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