Exciting new features for the all-new iPad

Exciting new features for the all-new iPad

Apple has been on the mission to develop and make the iPad better than a PC. With that in mind, the website for the company may already have some hints. Before this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple plans on fortifying the OS.

References to Apple’s iPad OS can be found on the website. According to the references available online of the iPad OS. According to speculations, the iPad iOS will be split into two, one as the iPhone and the other as the iPad.

This was first noted by iOS developer Steve Moser. Furthermore, this was again confirmed by Steve Troughton-Smith, as there were references on Apple’s developer website as well. In a tweet, Steve Moser wrote, “Apple renaming its iPad’s OS to iPad OS” on June 3rd.

As per many reports, Apple will revamp its home screen in the coming software update. Apart from this, there have been rumours that major update for iPad will bring in various performance enhancements as well. With that in mind, Apple’s decision to give iPad its own standalone OS makes a lot of sense.

As per many reports, various other features such as an improved Reminder App and a dark mode will also be made available in the latest update.

Apple’s Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering says, Craig Federighi, “iPads have changed the world for many people. They have helped people to find a way to and to grow their creativity. With our new updates, we are trying to take things even further. We bring in new features and are trying to enhance the experience. We intend to take full advantage of the large iPad’s screen and versatility.”

According to Craig Federighi, the all-new iPad brings in bigger, better and smoother features. A better home screen, as well as new widgets, are in tow.

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