AMD and Samsung partnership Better Smartphones in Future

AMD and Samsung partnership: Better Smartphones in Future

Stealing the show, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) by sharing its 3rd generation Ryzen CPUs and first Navi GPUs. However, that is not all AMD had to saw. The company announced a  multi-year partnership with Samsung.

This partnership will allow Samsung to use AMD’s Radeon graphics IP in games and other applications on the smartphone. As per Forbes, this partnership will allow AMD to get back into the smartphone business. AMD’s graphics can be found in various PCs, clouds and gaming consoles, but it is not available for phones. Back in 2009, AMD sold its division, Imageon graphics business, to Qualcomm.

It is being speculated that the use of AMD’s graphics would probably be seen in Samsung’s Exynos System-on-Chip (SoC) processors.

Although AMD does not have to build its own processors, it will still need to work heavily in order to do well. The Radeon graphics were built to perform on 15W to 65W PC processors. With the partnership in works, AMD will have to dial down the power to under 5W without compromising the performance.

Dr. Lisa Su, the CEO and President of AMD, in a statement, said, “Our graphics have been used in various PCs, gaming consoles, HPC markets, and clouds. AMD has grown significantly in the past few years. We are thrilled to partner with Samsung, a leader in the industry. This partnership will allow us to extend the reach of our graphics.”

However, the results of the partnership won’t be seen in the market for the next two years, there is still a lot to look forward to. The result of this partnership could give rise to affordable handsets, which have higher performances and great graphics. Or it could give birth to the premier, flagship models that come with a higher capacity of handling processes and graphics.

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