The percentage of fatal falls among the elderly the populace of America is an all-time high

The percentage of fatal falls among the elderly the populace of America is an all-time high

A new research has presented with the data that in recent years, the number of deaths caused by sudden falls among the American senior citizens has increased three times over. The approximate figure given is around 25,000 deaths per annum.

According to the study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Tuesday, the number of fatal falls has gone up to 25,190 in 2016 from a mere 8,600 in 2000. Further information from CDC reports shows that the numbers have further increased in 2017, going up to 26,440.

Elizabeth Burns, a co-author of the study paper and a health scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Injury Center blames solo living, chronic conditions and certain prescription drugs leading to dizziness and blurred vision for the situation.

In light of these findings, the importance of fall prevention is even more evident. A separate study published in the same journal reinforces the necessity of programs aimed at muscle strengthening and balance improvement of senior citizens.

This second the study involved 344 randomly selected Canadian participants of 70 years of age who had a recent case of fall. Half of them were provided medical care only, and the other half had physical therapy like walking, leg lifts, knee bends and balance exercises assigned to them three times a week for a year. The former group experienced 336 falls in the one year, as compared to only 236 falls experienced by the latter.

Dr Marco Pahor of the University of Florida’s Aging and Geriatric Research Department said that a necessary measure to prevent falls is to make the elderlies aware of such programs across several U.S. communities.

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