Amazon’s Ring doorbell to be of great help to the Police

Amazon’s Ring doorbell to be of great help to the Police

Smart devices have changed the way we have lived over the past few years. Smart doorbells are not something that we are not accustomed to. Amazon is helping the police in the US build doorbells that have cameras in them for security and safety.

Although neighborhoods usually do not require high levels of surveillance are not required, private security is another concept. With the popularity of smart doorbells manufactured by Amazon, known as Ring doorbells, have created a network private security system. These private surveillance networks are powered by Amazon and are promoted by the police departments.

Police departments across the country have even offered citizens discounted or free Ring doorbells. However, this is only happening in cities with low populations, 30,000 people in the city. Although the buyers and citizens have the option of turning over the footage only when they feel the need to, they have to offer the footage to police in the event when police ask for it.

As per a statement, Ring owners have the full choice of whether they want to hand over the recordings or not. Furthermore, they can also choose to opt for or out of a recording plan. Many of these smart devices, Ring doorbells have been donated to various Neighbor’s Law Enforcement partners to give it in their communities.

Additionally, there is no requirement of subscribing to a plan or sharing their recordings to the police just because they have received the donated devices.

Although these Ring doorbells could help the police investigate and solve many criminal cases, the question of people’s privacy remains to be a huge topic for discussion. Critics have questioned the ambit of safety offered and the privacy issues of Ring doorbell owners.

These cameras could be of great help to the police. The new owners can get a subscription for about $3.

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