NASA onto researching ways to move InSight’s Robotic Arm on Mars

NASA onto researching ways to move InSight’s Robotic Arm on Mars


Various scientists and engineers have been trying to get inside NASA’s InSight once more. InSight, also known as the “mole,” is NASA’s instrument to start digging in Mars once more. A part of the same machine called the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package (HP3) is a spike, which is designed in such a manner that it can hammer itself and dig up to 16 feet below the surface. The mole can even record the temperature.

However, the problem here is that the mole has not been able to dig further than 12 inches on the Martian surface since 28 February of this year. Furthermore, the camera on the mole is being blocked by the mole’s support structure, which does not allow scientists to see what is obstructing the robots way.

So, now engineers have designed a way to find out what is happening. According to the engineers and scientists, they are developing a way to move the robotic arm of the mole, and to lift the camera, in order to see what obstructs the way.

Depending on what they find, scientists and engineers will decide on what to do next. There is a possibility that the team may use InSight’s robotic arm to fix the problem they find.

This robot, the mole, is one of the greatest experiments, which is designed to give the scientists a look at the inner parts of Mars and understand the planet better. InSight also has a seismometer, which recently recorded the first-ever marsquake on Mars on April 6, 2019. The marsquake is said to be of magnitude three.

The team, that is researching on assessing the situation with InSight believes that finding a way to move the robotic arm will allow them to at least try one possible solution.


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